Student Loan Consolidation – a Few Points to Remember

Nowadays, education has become quite an expensive thing and if you don’t have higher degrees then there is no job for you. Any firm or company looks for the more educated person who can efficiently run their institution. But as the education expenses are increasing now and then, many deserving candidates are not able to join higher studies.

Many apply for loans and they get it easily but after that, they have to pay a heavy amount of money as interests. Sometimes, students take loans from different lenders and they have to pay monthly installments to all of them. For the student loan consolidation is a way to reduce their burden and concentrate on their studies.

What is student loan consolidation?

If you go by the name, consolidation suggests that all your loans will be paid by one company only. Student loan consolidation allows the students to combine all their loans from various lenders into one and pay only one interest amount and that too at a reduced new rate.

After consolidation, students will have to pay only one monthly installment to that company and thereby gets relieved from the headache of multiple installments and higher interest rates.

Make a decision whether to consolidate or not:

If you need to consolidate student loan then carefully observe the pros and cons of the consolidation. Before going for student loan consolidation, think about the factors given below:

1. In the consolidation process, all your loans are treated as single and have fixed interest rates. Whether the rate increases or decrease, it is not going to affect you. So, if the rates are going to plummet, it is better for you to wait and watch.

2. Make sure that you can consolidate student loans as you can avail consolidation for most federal loans which include FFELP loans, Perkins, NSL, Guaranteed student loans, FISL, Health Professional Student loans, HEAL, and direct loans.

3. Remember that consolidation extends the loan term due to which overall you have to pay more even if the rate is low.

4. Consolidating all the loans is not a good idea because the rate of interest is fixed after finding out the average of all the interest rates and you may like higher rate loan to be out of the consolidation.

Follow following steps before going student loan consolidation:

1. Gather information regarding your loans’ status.
2. It is mandatory for you to avail consolidation facility from the already associated lenders.
3. Credit checking is not required to be cautious if any lender asks for such formalities.

Profits from student loan consolidation:

1. Multiple loans are converted into a single loan.
2. It reduces monthly installments by a considerable amount which can range up to 50%.
3. Improves your credit ranking and is easy to pay monthly installments.
4. No checking of credit, no origination or application charges.

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